Seafood restaurant in Pineda de Mar

This restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and has a wide variety of dishes made with fresh sea products.

All our dishes now to take home! Make your order at Tel. 93 766 40 89 and in 1 hour you will be able to pick it up at the restaurant.


Extensive menu, based on market and seafood cuisine. Specializing in shellfish raised in their own nurseries, which guarantees exceptional quality

Daily menu and holiday menu

We have a daily menu and weekday menu The popular choice for those looking for a complete and tasty meal at a reasonable price.

Group menus

Our group menus are a very popular option for celebrations and special events, as they offer a selection of dishes and drinks at a fixed price per person.

Quality and service are our pillars, which we reinforce with the same affection and dedication as the first day. At the forefront of all this you will find Elias, Luisa and Paula They will be happy to assist you and serve you all the best they know how.
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